Thursday, August 16, 2012


American Apparel top | Zara light blue shorts
From Spain boots

Despite my conscious efforts to fix this catastrophe of a stack of hay, i mean, hair, it seems that I've only made it worse. Gaah! Life is so unfair! There was a point in time when I almost had a nervous breakdown because of too much experimentation (i.e permed my hair,cut it short = hay). I'm even more worried recently, since my grad/glam pictorial is coming in a few weeks from now. I feel so queasy just thinking about it. But I'm so glad my classmate and I are going to do something good about this. Surprise, surprise! You'll know very soon. I just hope it works. *Crosses fingers*

Anyway, yesterday was our College Fiesta, we had it for two consecutive days.  I had so much fun, never have I been this committed to my division in my whole college life. Congratulations BM Division! I will blog about our fiesta tomorrow so watch out for that. :)

 So this is what I wore during the second day of our fiesta. Hooray for no dress code! This is the only time of the school year when we all get to break all the rules in the handbook. Haha! Nilubos ko na! Shorts kung shorts! haha

I was going for the Coachella basic equation/ model off duty look= short shorts+boots. I toned down the play of colors by wearing darker shades through my bag and boots.  I literally just picked the top and then what came after soon was perchance. Nothing too serious since I knew we were going to have a lot of fun that day, and when I say fun, what I mean is the sweat drippin', binge eating, mass cheering, ass kicking kind of fun! I'm so glad I wore boots since it rained that night! Oh what a day!


I only wish Ateneo would let students wear shorts during washdays. It's demoniacally hot in here!  Sometimes, I just don't want to go out of the classroom since I know death rays will soon be attacking me the minute I step outside the sun. *aaah I'm melting!* But then again, I highly doubt "no dress code" would ever happen. Some people will resort to revilement if this does happen. I would not be surprised if one day, someone will arrive in pure Lady Gaga-esque fashion. I know some people would be tickling to wear high fashion in school. Hmm. That may be a good idea, but the excessive amount of cleavage and cameltoes (or others, if you know what I mean. haha) revolts me. Everything in moderation.

The next set of photos were taken at my alma mater, Ateneo de Davao Highschool.

I was carrying chips and C2. haha


1. It's time to get rid of the haystack, learn to let go of your disastrous hair. Save by all means. Do what you have to do. A reminder: your hair reflects yourself. 

2. When in trouble, pick out the most eye-catching color in your wardrobe and work around it. It will work wonders.

3. Wear boots for that added masculinity. 

4. Ateneo will never change the dress code. :( Sigh.

5. If you bend down and your breasts and butt cheeks are peeping, then there's too much flesh on display. (Mind you, I wore cycling shorts! haha) As they say, the more skin you show, the less authoritative you are. Distressful but true.

Thank you to Victor Bongator for the pictures. Love you Vic!




  1. Love your arm candies! Oh and your hair isn't too bad! I think you look so adorable! =)

  2. Great photos and love the casual look. =)

    Hate dress codes in the office too. Hehe.

    1. Thank you Chyrel! :)

      ooh and about dress codes, sometimes all we have to do is improvise. :)