Friday, August 17, 2012

Ateneo Fiesta 2012

Hey guys! So I've told you about our recent College Fiesta, held for two consecutive days this week. Most of the events were held at the college campus while the Sayawtenista, was held at the highschool/gradeschool campus. There were also competitions, the major ones were the Dance Showcase, Palarong Pinoy, Star Search and the Sayawtenista. Students from their respective divisions showed their talents, skills and support for the ultimate prize, the over-all champion. Congratulations Accountancy Division for winning the coveted title and of course, congratulations to BM Divison, my forever love for winning 1st Runner-Up overall, I'm so proud of everyone in our team. :) I know we didn't win overall, but Intramurals and College Days are fast approaching. Can you tell that we're hungry for championships? haha! CHEERS EVERYONE!

So here are a few snapshots I/my friends took using my cam; unless stated otherwise.

We walked from Rizal Park to our school, (yes, that building in the picture.) It was so tiring, I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I can't stand the heat! But since I love my division so much, I marched all the way. The things you do for love. <3
 BM Division's theme? Egyptian. Bongga lang!

And here are the photos from the Dance Showcase by Xedric Ng. Guess who won?
 That's right! The BM Vipers did! :) 

 The sack race was too difficult!

Victor's Zara shoes and my boots having their moment as we watched the Palarong Pinoy.

 Volunteers had a party for the children. Aren't they cute? They waved goodbye with smiles in their eyes.

Hmm. Impressive. haha

Does anybody know the name of this game? Had everyone thrilled as hell!

Random Atenistas in their fiesta outfits. I should've roamed around some more but I had limited time! :(
 Kenneth B. of Industrial Engineering

Ana M. of Education
Ryan V. of Business Management

Victor B. of Entrepreneurship

As you can see, I'm all for casualness.
I was the one holding the letter M. haha Photo by Xedric Ng

Find me! haha Photo by Xedric Ng
Congratulations to everyone who participated! I'm sure everyone had fun. :)

BM! This is our year!!!



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