Sunday, August 26, 2012

Getting Finicky

New Look denim top | The Ramp leggings
Parfois bag | H&M wedges


It's been a long time since I last posted in our blog. :( I'm sorry. I've been away for the last 3 days for our retreat, so to mend my excuse, here's a new post for you all. Here's what I wore yesterday to school - 'twas supposed to be for a make up class but then our teacher stood us up. Err. Thanks a lot. But anyway, after all the hooligans during our retreat, I've finally learned how to meditate and shut up for a while. Hmm. That's the joy of all the reflections we did - uhm 95% of the time? And of course, after every cogitating, there was the binging part. Ahh, the reek of lechon(roasted pig), pasta, chicken, beef, desserts, every drink you could think of. Are you hungry yet? -- 'cause I sure am! Excuse me and my appetite. :|


Now leading you to the outfit, I had this top in my closet for a while, thinking that I would wear it with shorts and sneakers, I brushed it off aside and searched for another top. I was scolding myself for being so finicky with my outfit so I ruefully gave up and grabbed this denim top. I seriously have no more decent clothes. Can relate friends?


If you decide to wear a simple top, make sure your bottom pieces can make up for it; so I wore snakeskin leggings and these mustard wedges (comfiest footwear ever!). I painstakingly wore the colored wedges since I have no color whatsoever anywhere. I wore loafers to school though then changed into these in the mall. With this colorless get up, you SHALL need a bright color or two to create balance.

My hair is such a disappointment. :(

Expect a new post by tomorrow. :) 


1. Class retreats will outstrip the devil in you -or so I thought.

2. Do not resist food at all times. They are blessings. haha.

3. A statement pair of shoes can save you, ergo take care of it or it will fail you.