Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Folded and Hung top | Mags skirt | The Factory detachable collar
Janilyn flats | Ardene bag


This will be short and precise guys since I only wore this for a shoot (grad/glam pictorial for our yearbook). I had Lana del Rey in my mind while searching for my glam outfit. She had this picture that really caught my  eye. She was wearing a white cropped top and a skirt of the same color. Believe me, I was really going for that, but then I figured that in 30 years time, I'll be regretting it if it would've sufficed. Also, our school is pretty conservative. Oh well, rebellious Pat didn't think twice about it, I put on a see-through top. Haha. And then I took my words back, I don't have the flattest tummy out there. For shame.

I truly just wanted a simple "glam" outfit, not too flashy, not too blah as well.Others came up with different themes, which are brilliant, really. I still pursued Lana until the very end. I'm so glad I found this detachable collar from one of my bags! haha I was supposed to put on a garland of white flowers from Accessorize too but gaah, upon entering the photo studio, a girl was wearing the exact same ones I have, so I dumped the flowers inside my paper bag. So much for being too finical. :/

Too make matters worse, we waited for 7 hours - yes you read that right, 7 hours for them (New Jersy Studio) to take our photos. I had my make up done at 11, went there around 1 and had our photos taken by 8 in the evening. My friends and I were dying from starvation. How can we eat without staining our teeth right? I literally felt my mouth, eyes and fingers twitching as I smiled for the cam. They don't know the essence of time management at all. I'm so glad that's over.

 For the one's asking, I had my hair and make-up done by Jay Juaton at Coiff It Up.

And yes I had extensions, but I had to give it back that night. Boohoo. I can't afford real ones! :(




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    1. ulaw man pud ta ani Han uy. :) hihi thank youuu

  2. Anyway, same din sa amin. I went there 11 pero mga 6 na kami naka picture. grabe makalagot. gutom

    1. oo, kasi they still accept walk-ins. kasamok! hindi nila narealize na we put so much effort (gutom, pa make up) tapos may mag walk in lang? life is unfair. :(

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