Thursday, August 30, 2012


Liz Claiborne polo |  People are People denim shorts |
Vintage bag | From Bangkok hat | Accessorize floral band


Yesterday, I had a shoot for Wilson's RTW line, Ninofranco. Sadly, I wasn't his model, (assuming! ang taba kasi haha) but with great pleasure, he got me as one of the photographers. Yey!

I actually can't remember the last time I had a legit photo shoot where I was the one who held the cam-- no wait, I think I did, a long time ago, but it wasn't actually for a clothing line but for Wilson's Lookbook posts which was merely a year back.

So this is what I wore yesterday --fuss free, breezy and comfy. There were some takes wherein I had to lie down on the grass just to get the right angles. Oh the things you do for your passion- chos! I chose not to wear accessories since I know I will be getting scruffy from all the bending and perspiring that I planned to do - which is also inevitable. 

I was beaming with joy upon receiving this top from my lola, acquired from her latest trip I presume; very crisp, light and fits me like a glove. It's the perfect top for lazy afternoons, the fabric is immaculate!

If you have read my last post, I told you about some flower band I refused to wear for my glam pic since I saw someone wearing the same ones-- yes this was the flower band. Isn't it cute? I used it to chicify this boring hat.

When in doubt, wear neutral footwear. Since I was speeding my way to the venue, I grabbed the safest oxfords I could find. If I had more time to ponder, I would grab an electrifying color to spice up this look. :)

This bag is sooo old. I have always thought it was baduy but seeing how these prints are everywhere now, I gave it a go. I've realized now how pretty this bag is. Kudos to my mom for keeping this!


1. I should go bring back my love for photography. ASAP. I missed it so bad.

2. My lola has great style. She has been giving me the hippest clothes recently, an ombre cardigan, a cute pink top and another ombre shirt. What I really want to do is ransack her ataul for vintage pieces. Have you guys done this before? I'm sure you will find/ have found the most one of a kind items!

3. When you know you'll be moving around most of the day, limit your accessories, don't wear heels if you want to fall smack right on your face. Be comfortable.

P.S , thank you Kyrie for taking the photos! :)