Friday, July 06, 2012

The Simple Things

Zara glittered top | WAGW two-toned leggings
Converse Sneakers | Mango bag | 
 Extreme Finds Davao black and gold bracelet

The truth is, if I could wear these sneakers everyday, with any outfit, I would. But my inner fashion conscience prohibits me to do so. You see, this is my kind of style - laidback, comfy and  simple. ( I feel sexiest in these kinds of clothes and no other backless dresses, tiny shorts can compare to comfort). 

But moving on, I wore this overused glittered top to school. Initially, I was supposed to wear this with a mint mullet skirt but this hanging leather/cotton leggings infiltrated my uneasy mind. So yes, the leggings got me alright.  I think this would also look good with a floral bustier top to achieve the contrasting overall look. :) And wear it with boots or Isabel Marant-esque heels! Too bad I don't have a bustier top. Ha! It's not too late to try - or not.


This was the day I reconciled with a dear friend of mine.
We talked and laughed as if nothing had happened and to be honest with you, if I would do it all over again, I'd still do the same. Sometimes we get caught up with immaturity. Damn you, seriously. But now, I'm completely happy even though my love life is taking its toll on me. Oh life!

 I bought this in Madrid. Haha A few hundred bucks cheaper there. :p

How would you wear the leggings girls?



Thank you Alecks for the photos. =)


  1. cool outfit! :) love the bag :)