Sunday, July 08, 2012


Collective Clothing top | From Hongkong mint mullet skirt
 | From Jerusalem sling bag | XOXO watch | Unlisted sandals

This was supposed to be my wash day attire last wednesday but obviously, I knew I wouldn't be allowed to go inside because of its "sheerness" haha. So last washday, I wore a similar top indeed, you may ask why I wore grey again, well, it's because I am shamelessly, "slightly" trying to copy Kate Bosworth's look:

Well the difference is, she wears the look with ease, while I try not to look wretched for you guys. Ha! I love her. She has always been my go to girl in fashion. Her looks are playful, eclectic cool and  unforeseen.One day she's in a breezy, summer dress and the next day in designer sweater and rolled up denims. <3 It doesn't hurt the fact that she's gorgeous. Love her!

Who's your style icon? Well, Kate Bosworth's not the only one for me; there's Zooey Deschanel and Rumi Neely.

Who's your fashion guide? I'm sure all of us have one. :)


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