Saturday, July 14, 2012



 Orla Kiely x Uniqlo teacup printed top | Dorothy Perkins shorts
Mom's old blazer | Abaca bag bought in Albay
US brand denim sneakers

 My father bought this abaca bag when he went to Misibis Bay, Albay. It cost him less than 10 dollars. What a steal! Plus,  it's gorgeous! :)


 This will probably be one of the last outfit posts with this hair. I had it cut recently. :) It's so short now!


 Vintage clothes can save your life. When all else fails, grab the most unique vintage item  anywhere near you. It may be in your lola's ataul or your mom's closet.

You know those days when you just want to wear sneakers and  have fun with your clothes? Well, this proves my point. I looooove the blazer + sneakers combo. It looks sophisticated but nonchalant in a way. 

Mom's nifty oversized blazer came in handy since it was also raining that day. It made the whole outfit complete.To get away from all the seriousness of the color blue, I added the popping shade of red to keep it a little more interesting. What do you think? 




  1. this is a lovely outfit. <3 and what a steal buying the bag -- it's great!