Thursday, July 05, 2012



Soul Lifestyle Top | Shorts gift from my brother | Charles and Keith woven sandals


Hey it's me again!
So last Sunday was our division's Sportsfest and it was held at my Alma mater,  Ateneo De Davao, Matina Campus.  I have always been a true blue Atenean - 17 years and counting! (I'm old) haha

Since it was scorching hot that day, I brought this tiny weenie shorts my little brother gave me years ago. I got trouble for wearing this though; my mistake but it looks so good with this Soul Lifestyle top. Plus, I really wanted to stick with nude colors - not naked per se but tan, flesh, browns and beige. So yes, I went all the way with the colors. I got a little carried away with it did I? 

It's actually backwards. haha Fail.

I was with my close friends the entire time. Being in this place again made me nostalgic in a way that my early childhood memories brought some sense to me. I was a happy kid. I did everything, played volleyball, chinese garter, had my first crush, got embarrassed, learned how to make friends, got jealous of my friends making new friends, dreaded math the most, read so many books in the lib, played cops and robbers and drank frozen coke every single freaking day. ( I miss that drink so bad. ) 

Now, I tend to block all of these in my mind. My life just got more serious and delicate. I get hurt easily. I cry at the most insignificant reasons. But you know what? It's part of growing up. You learn and you yearn for yourself. But a lot of things haven't changed, I still have my crushes, I get embarrassed, I still am in the process of learning how to make forever lasting friends, I still get jealous, I still dread math the most, I may not read a lot in the lib anymore but I study my lessons and I still haven't found that freaking frozen coke.

 Then I thought, I still AM a happy kid.



Photos by: Xedric Ng


  1. May frozen coke dito, Pat! Na discovery namin ni Yamil. ;) Hahaha!

    1. Bey! Will be there soon. Take me there :)