Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Schoolchild Diaries: Workin' the Pastels

Giddy. =)

White top: G2000 //
Cardigan: Octobre 22 //
Belt: Sm Accessories //
Skirt: Monique California //
Sandals: Primadonna //
Bag: Tomato//
Bracelets: Extreme Finds

Pastel.I have never tried this combination before, mainly because I'm not audacious enough to try out the latest fads. I actually jump into the newest trends when it simmers down. sheesh. I'm quite complicated.

I didn't plan this outfit at all. I was such in a hurry to go to school  since I only had 30 minutes til my class starts. I picked up the skirt first then thought of the nearest color to go with it; saw the pink cardigan and the white silk top, grabbed some accessories, got dressed and called a taxi. *Phew* That's my daily routine. I just hate summer class. 

So what do you think of this outfit? It came out pretty okay for me. =) Relieved.

Oh, we already have a winner for the Perfect Summer Giveaway, just check out my twitter page for the result. =)




  1. Very well put together and I can totally relate. I don't jump into trying the new trend not until it dies down a bit. Haha! Lovely skirt and belt. You look rather lovely.

    1. Thanks Chyrel! =) I'm very flattered. hihi

  2. I really love your style.. Very chill and non-pretentious :) I have yet to try putting on pastel pieces, too! haha..

    Kisses! xxx