Sunday, April 29, 2012

Schoolchild Daybook: Dots and Rolls

Polka dot top: H&M //
 Dress used as a skirt: Mango //
 Belt: Sm Accessories //
Shoes: Converse //
Bag: Levi's //
Shades: bought in Paris // 

That's the most overused bag I own. I have a few other overused bags. haha.  A six year old Levi's bag perfect for school. 
I gained weight too quickly! Notice the folds and my cheeks? But who couldn't resist the delish cuisines in Europe?

So summer class has begun and to tell you the truth, I'm  not particularly thrilled. This is my first time enrolling for the summer class program so initially, I didn't know what to expect. Well, 3 weeks have gone by and I have hated every single minute of it. I miss my blockmates! 3- Entrep A :(

Anyway, enough about my rants, I will be posting my Schoolchild Daybook, a day to day (well I'll try to) chronicle of my outfits during summer class. It's quite hard since our school (Ateneo de Davao University)  is pretty strict when it comes to the dress code. But hey, at least I can put on dresses and skirts. Yey!

How's summer doing for ya?

Anyway, a little reminder, our giveaway, The Perfect Summer Giveaway will end tonight at 9 PM so hurry guys, tweet tweet tweet! 



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