Saturday, April 28, 2012

That Was Quite A Challenge!

To sum up the outfits, I'd say they pretty much reflect my "style". Chill. Tomboy (with a few hints of girly in there) very casual. Will I ever bring the same stuff again? Hmm maybe some. I really loved the brown jacket - worth every Euro. I also loved the dress. Unfortunately, I only got to use it once. Next time I travel, I know I won't be able to in the next few months, but when I do, I'll try to be girlier and  I'll add a little spice to my looks. My Europe outfits look too blah for me. I didn't bring any accessory! But anyway, there's always a next time.

But still, all of the looks were really manageable and comfy. I think in a hierarchical way, I'd put style first, comfort the second, usability the last. ( I know, I know it sounds off but yes, our helper can attest to that! I have a cabinet full of clothes I have yet to wear) Just because I don't know where and how to wear them! Tribal vests, skirts with the highest hemlines and tube tops. Teach me how to wear these stuffs!

Someday, I will have the body to wear these. HAHA dreams.  So much for that,I have a question for you all, I really want to know! If you would travel, how would you mix and match your clothes? Post your reply please! =)



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