Saturday, April 28, 2012

10/10: Ciao Barcelona!

 Jacket: Ventiuno
Cardigan: bought in Paris
Jeggings: H&M
Boots: bought in Madrid
 Oh, I went to a Mango store in Barcelona. Items there are cheaper than here in the Philippines! huhu. :(
 Bought the heart shaped ones with the chocolate dip. =)
 Big and mini.
View from the top.

Finally! I'm done with the Travel Styling Challenge!. Gosh, It took me almost 3 weeks to complete this. It should've been 10 days instead of 21 days. I've been very busy. Sorry. 

Life Lessons from our travel:

1. It's always good to walk. It can take the bad energy away from you plus you'll lose weight.

2. Never hesitate to ask. Don't be shy and speak up.

3. But don't trust too much. Always keep an eye on your belongings. =)

4. You should definitely bring clothes efficient for layering. It can get warmer during noontime and coooold during mid-afternoon.

5. Every corner of the world is magical.You will always have the chance to learn about the most bizarre things in the most unexpected places, so it's really good to explore. =)

I had so much fun in our 10 day stay in Europe. Bitin nga lang. I wish I could go back soon. :( Di na keri ng budget. haha!

I hope you learned many things through my blog posts as well =)




  1. How's the taste of the macaroons in Barcelona? really want to try them :))

  2. Hi! they taste great but not as sweet as the macaroons in Paris =)

  3. Firs time to read your blog :) I like that you're honest and conversational. This was very informative thanks.