Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Schoolchild Daybook: Gold Rush

Blouse: from Bazaar
Leggings: The Ramp
Bag: Mags
Wedge: People are People

 Alien-like! haha

I am so in love with this top. I got it from a bazaar - but pretty expensive for a bazaar price but hey, the quality's great. I wore this to school sans the shoes. Again, I'm not yet confident enough to wear ze wedge in school. Good gosh I might trip. I wore my user-friendly flats instead. But I think the whole look would be better with the wedge. Hrrm. Blame me. I hope I could muster up the courage to wear heels like everyday's a party. When will I. 

Sorry for the quality of the photos, we were supposed to shoot during the afternoon but an emergency came up so we had to shoot in the evening. :(

More photos soon =) Our midterm exams are coming up! 




  1. cute shoes :)

  2. Pat you're so thin na! :-D Grabe. Inggit ako. And I love your top! It's so cute >w<

    1. Marion! it's quite the opposite! I gained weight huhu :( but thank you , hihi you're cuter!