Saturday, May 05, 2012

Schoolchild Daybook: Mellow Yellow

Top: Uniqlo // 
Skirt: from Korea // 
Bag: thrifted //
Flats: Janilyn // 
Accessories: assortments from Davao, Boracay, Beijing and India // 


Hi! How are you? Me? I've been pretty busy with school lately. I hate summer class. Hoo. 

    So for this look, I wanted to try the print on print thing, but I'm still too naive to try. haha. So if you want to achieve the print-on-print style for the first time, try to combine minimal prints at first so as not to clash the pieces together. The first thing I grabbed from my closet was the yellow top; saw the blue skirt with the yellow details and stacked the accessories. This is really perfect for summer dont you think? Especially now, since Philippines may pass on as desert country. HEATWAVE!

    Anyway, notice how I sticked with blue and yellow? This makes the look cleaner and more polished but then the prints make the entire look, interesting.

Skirts are my best friends during this season. =)



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