Friday, May 25, 2012


| Kate Moss Topshop essentials tank top |
| Thrifted denim vest |
| Bauhaus Tough Jeansmith belt |
| Penshoppe skinnies |
| Parfois bag |
| From Madrid, Spain boots |
| Butingtings accessories |


Wore this to the Canon VIP Launch a while ago - will blog about it as soon as I get the pictures. Thank you for the awesome stuff, Canon! Moving on,  again,  a thrift find saved me today. I really wanted to wear jeans today but since it's so hot, I grabbed on a breezy tank top and a vest to fight off the unbearable heat. To complete the 'groupie' feel of the look, I added silver accessories and wore boots. I wish I could dress up like this whenever and wherever I want to. haha Sigh. What do you think about the whole look? =) Leave a comment below.




  1. the detailing of the denim vest is amazing! awesome buy. :) xx

  2. Hi thanks for dropping by=) it's always nice to buy cheap finds =)