Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Canon VIP Launch

Kweshie, Farrah and I got invited to the Canon VIP Launch last Friday, May 25, 2012. We were all so giddy since we got to meet new people and see first hand Canon's newest products in lieu with the celebration of their 15 years in the Philippines.

They introduced Pixma's new inkjet printers PIXMA MX897, MX517 and MX437 which include a number of connectivity options. Their new models are equipped with a WiFi feature that allows users to print photos and documents wirelessly using smartphones and tablets.

They also welcomed WiFi-enabled digital cameras and camcorders including the Digital IXUS 510 HS and the IXUS 240 HS which allow users to transfer images and videos directly from camera to any portable Android and iOS-run device. Meanwhile their new Powershot series features zoom shots of distant subjects and super slim compact cameras.

Please, please, please. I want our "bulok" printer to be replaced with Canon's tech-savvy and user friendly ones, as a college student, sometimes with all the craziness going on, I always tend to forget to print my assignments.Their portable printer is just perfect for all students out there. No more waiting in lines to print out your papers.

Glorious food from Bigby's. They also had m&m's for us. Haha! You can just imagine how full we were afterwards!
Digital cameras in different sizes and styles. 
Canon ladies went all around the event to take pictures of the guests.
They were also carrying this portable printer; placed in the sd card and printed our pictures. This is just what every photographer needs right now!

The outcome! =) 
With Olive, who invited us. =) Thank you!
 I participated in one of their games too. Let's just say that I, along with my partner had to portray the "taray look" and posed for the camera. We didn't win but hey, I got these! =) 

Thank you so much Canon Marketing Philippines! 
For more info, visit their website or their facebook page.



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  1. Hi Pat! Thank you also for coming and participating the game.. I like your write up about the event.. Hope to see you soon! =)