Monday, March 05, 2012

Recent Loots

 Scarves! from Sm dept, Surplus, Malaysia and Hongkong

 From my father. He bought this one in Malaysia

 Ribbons! The leopard printed ribbons are from Terranova.

 Tomato snake skin bag.

 Yet another snake skin bag! from Zara

My school bag. Very cheap. I bought it for 150 Pesos or less than $4. from Genevieve Gozum

 Oxfords from Ichigo. Flats from Solemate

 Pretty Prints! Oxfords from Jellybean. Platforms from F&H

 Can't wait to rock this ensemble. Boots and thermals socks from Cinderella and Debenhams 

Satchel from Cole Vintage

Watch out for these items on my next outfit posts. =)
Which would you like to see first? =))
 Drop your comment! =)



  1. omg. ang bag Pat, super cute :)

  2. Where did you get that platforms? I can't seem to find that in Folded and hung :(

  3. Folded and hung in Abreeza, Davao. =)