Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Like It Was Kindergarten

 Cardigan: Thrifted | Ruffled tank top: Brittany Black
 Blue-green jeans: Terranova
You can see some of my shoes at the corner. haha

 Ribbon clip: Terranova

Shoes: Converse
Satchel: Cole Vintage

You know how we used to dress up back in the old days? I was always in my skirt jumpers or dresses. Like in this photo:
I had a weird smile. A taunting one. haha

I was dressed up too girly for my taste and I've always remembered how I wanted to wear looong jumpers and sneakers, well in our time, there were rubber shoes that lit up every time we walked. I had a pair of those. Don't blame me. That was OUR decade. haha

So I wore this. Colorful but fuss-free.  =) But I changed quickly though. It was scorching hot today. Changed into my favorite polo shirt. Kept the rest of my outfit. You can never go wrong with a pair of Chuck Taylors. =) Agree? 


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