Friday, March 09, 2012

Miss Prissy

 Top: thrifted | Skirt: from Japan | Bag: Parfois | Heels: WAGW

Gold bangle with red encrusted beads: bought in India | All the rest: from a local shop in Davao.
Belt: Y.R.Y. S
I look so pissed in the photos! Sorry for that. The photographer and I were arguing at that time. haha. You see, I have a very impatient photographer and his impatience leads to arguments. haha

Anyway, I look so girly which is the opposite of me really. I wanted to try something outside the comforts of my zone. I wear skirts, yes mini and breezy to be precise but midi skirts, not so much. That skirt has been in my closet for a time too long to count. The top is actually a thrifted dress.

My question is, do you wear midis? If so, how would you style it?



  1. Love the outfit! I would love to wear midis but I'm scared that it will make me appear short. I would probably wear it with a white button down and brogues :D

  2. good choice! i guess the trick with midis is to wear a top that doesn't fall past your hips. high waisted midis are the best. =)