Wednesday, February 29, 2012

First Time

"Blogger pose"- but inside my head, I was saying "hurry up and take photos, I'm starving!" hahaha
 Belt: Soul Lifestyle
I bought this belt on sale! =)
Gold cuff: Parfois
Bag: Apt. 9
Have you ever noticed? I have a thing for black bags with studs and embellishments. =)
| Top: Ziya | Navy blue skirt: Anne Klein |

This is the 1st time I posted a look with me wearing heels. =) I really don't have the legs to perfectly pull off this beauty-  really, I don't; but this pair's really comfortable to walk in- considering that I'm not used to wearing and walking in skyscraper shoes. Gaah! This one is just love at first glance.

I wore this to school except for the platforms. I may have fallen off my butt if I used this yesterday.  I opted to wear my new grey flats instead. I also used a bigger bag, my 6 year old Levi's for my books=)

Should I stick with my oxfords and flats? What do you think? =)
I would love to hear your opinion. =) Comment below.



  1. Pat, the heels suits on you perfectly pero wala lang ako nasanay.hihi :) love your top! <3

  2. hannah! gising ka pa pala. haha. minsan lang din ito promise. haha. i only have a few pairs. =)

    I had fun kanina talaga =)

  3. thank you kwesh! =) we missed you last night!

  4. Those shoes are really awesome! Where did you bought them?

    1. oh no i didn't put the brand! they're from F&H.=) they have a few more styles you'd like =)

  5. love this outfit. the top is great paired with the heels~~ dang girl you worse these to school? you rock!

    hmm maybe both? mix it up with flats or oxfords depending on mood.

    keep in touch ^_^


    1. thank you Joyce =) I did wear this but except for the heels and the bag. I agree with the flats, I wore flats to school instead =)