Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Something About Neutrals

                I normally don't wear heels. In fact, I think I don't have ANY left. I do have my flatforms, the one I got from Mags, which is my favorite by the way. I'm not saying I'm not a fan of heels, but I make sure I use every kind of shoes I buy. Since I only get to wear heels during parties ( which I rarely attend, only if I need to) or during special events ( VERY RARE), I only buy shoes which I know I'd wear more than half of the time. In my last count I have about 25 shoes. No heels. One flatforms.  So this week, I bought four pairs of footwear.

I sat inside the car, looked at my brand new cut-out oxfords, when a zing came to my mind - I bought four neutral colored shoes. I guess I was too enamored to notice! KILL ME NOW. I went home looked at the pairs I got, stared with disbelief and aligned them on the base of the stairs - which I always do. Minutes went by, slowly feeling uneasy, I tried them on again for no reason whatsoever; then came the first reason why I bought the shoes- they're all comfy, walkable and cute.  I feel pretty satisfied with the nude shoesies. :>

Here's my loot:

Sorry for the photo's poor quality. :( I'll fix my camera soon.

 Janilyn Oxfords

 Prima Donna cut-out oxfords. I love their new collection! <3 You have to check it out guys!

 Janilyn flats I bought on sale! :)

Prima Donna flats I bought on sale again :)

I guess I should start buying heels. Hmmm. I guess It's about time I step out of my comfort zone. Next goal: Buy 4 pairs of heels. Minimum of 4 inches. Ha! 

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