Monday, December 19, 2011

Casual Monday

We know we haven't posted anything for months now. And you're probably wondering why- well...

We're actually students. Didn't we tell you? yeah, it's hard keeping up with new fun shoots with over 10 subjects between us. We figured that we should slow down for a while and let our blog rest for the mean time. But now, we're back!

So for today, I had to pay my bills since I'll be out of town for over a week. I just wanted to put on something really light and casual. :)

 Blue button down blouse: Pink | Orange loose shorts: C'est Joli -Together by Laura| Sandals: Sm dept. store

The shorts are vintage. It's actually my mom's. The brand has been dead for over 30 years now.  It only means, she probably got this when she was 19. Like me! Nice! :)

My mom has a lot of colorful shorts which I wear from time to time. They spruce up any attire! It makes any outfit pop.

 I look angry. I was trying to pout my lips cause SOMEONE told me to but I  can't
not that I don't want to but I really can't. Sigh. :(

 Look where my hands are placed. haha!

Watch out for more posts :) 

Photos: by RR Tagalog

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  1. totally cute shorts! also, great jewels! ^^

  2. I like the outfit. Bagay sayo pat :)

  3. thanks Jacqueline! :) <3 saw your blog! I love your dresses!

  4. Salamat hannah! You have a new blog too? will check this now! :)