Monday, May 05, 2014

You Know You're Gold

Mango gold tee | Metanoia skirt | Mango bag
Anne Klein watch | Michael Kors sneakers

Hey! This would be just quick since I'm anticipating for the rotational brownout. Yes, woe is a third-world country. I get by by playing 2048 -- the latest app I'm addicted to.

I wore this to the FIDA Fashion Show two weeks before. I opted to go with this simple combination; figured out that gold would be the highlight of this outfit. I stuck with simple accessories just so that the look wouldn't be too busy.

I'm leaving Philippines for good in 15 days. :( There's so much things to do! Anyway, I'll catch up on you guys soon. See ya! :)



  1. Hi Pat! You seemed like a pretty nice and friendly person! Hoping to make friends with you in the future! :) and oh! I loveyour outfit in this post!