Friday, February 21, 2014


H&M cropped sweater | Garage distressed shorts
Cotton On bag | Urban Behavior boots

Here's the thing about Freddy Kreuger, out of all the brain-slashing, menacing killers on screen, he is what I think the most stylish. Jason's monotonous outfit doesn't really move me. Pennywise's clown get-up makes me puke. Chucky the Doll is cute however. Jigsaw looks smug with his tuxedo -- like he doesn't have a choice otherwise he wouldn't be taken seriously. But Freddy looks dapper for a cold-hearted killer. With his black fedora, striped sweater and Elvira-like nails, who wouldn't be fooled?

Ignore the sensibilities. I am bored as ever again. I'm waiting for my father. We're getting ready to go a property he just purchased. Business ventures. Anyway, I think he's good to go. Will get back to you on this Freddy Kreuger debate. LOL. Have a nice day! :)



  1. LOVE the first photo so much~ All the sass and Freddy Kreuger realness, oh yes!

  2. Love your look and the sweater! :)