Saturday, February 15, 2014


H&M cardigan | G2000 top | Forever 21 necklace
Garage boyfriend jeans | Aldo heels

      Post- Valentine's Day post. Hmm. That didn't sound so right. Went out with my girlfriends, had snacks and dinner at MTS. It was an extra long day since we took each others' outfit shots (3-4 outfit shots each). The place was near perfect since we had a lot of options for our background. There was a slight disadvantage though, the weather was torture. Pure torture. I guess it was my fault too since I wore Fall-Winter clothes. Nyaha.

      So I wore these boyfriend jeans for the first time. I bought it 2 months ago and never had the chance of using them. Somehow, the thought of wearing them eluded me. I still think that I didn't pull it off even after my blogger friends told me it looks nice. There's this one blogger who can pull anything she wears; she looks spotless in jeans and a plain t-shirt. Wonder who that blogger is? Yes! Aimee Song of Song of Style! Oh Gosh, she's perfect in every way. I stalk her for hours. LOL. I REALLY admire her. Girl crush <3 

     Enough about the creepy confession, I'll be discussing my Valentines. I had lunch/dinner with my boyfriend. He gave me a porcelain teacup instead of tulips or roses since giving teacups in China, according to him is a sign of unconditional love. He's not Chinese (he has Chinese blood though). It just so happens that we're both taking up Mandarin classes. I guess that's where you get the correlation. Heee. He's so sweet. <3

              How about you? How did you spend Valentines? :)


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  1. Sounds like you had a nice day, and yeh, this outfit is really cool. The jeans look perfect on you, and I love the cardi/sweater. :D