Sunday, January 26, 2014


 H&M shirt | Forever 21 necklace and shorts
Anne Klein watch | Urban Behavior boots


Just a quick post for you guys. I wore this before Entrep Night. I figured that I should wear light clothes since I'm gonna be up and around the hotel room. My friends and I stayed at the newly opened Tune Hotel -- the walls still smelled of fresh paint, which I loved. LOL. Anyway, the bed was comfy, the room was clean. I really recommend the place. One time, during a stop to Kuala Lumpur off to Paris, my father and I stayed in one of Tune's hotels. It was conveniently situated at the airport so it was easy for us to transfer our luggage. The room we stayed in was too small though, I reckon that was the standard size for their rooms. Anyway, enough chitchat, I'm gonna be late for class. Til the next post! :)



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