Tuesday, August 06, 2013

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink - Words for Mean Girls

H&M pink denim button down | Penshoppe jeans
Blue Inc. London boots

On a second thought, make that Sunday. I wore this on a Sunday to school, I was tagged to style the models for Stay Blue Marketing's photo shoot -- then it turned out I was one of the models too. haha It was fun yet nerve wracking at the same time. Although by now I should have mustered the courage to pose in front of the camera, somehow I still shrunk when I tried to do my poses -- all the more knowing that I'm modeling for my school's official souvenir shirts. Pressure! Just don't expect my photos looking spic and span you guys, I literally just woke up and had no breakfast. I may look a little too hobo-esque for everyone's taste. But I want to thank Stay Blue Marketing for giving me the opportunity to help them. :) Love you guys!

So anyway, yes I wore boots to school. No it wasn't gloomy. Yes it was hot. Yes I thought I looked alright. But then yes, I was sweating profusely. It WAS gloomy earlier in the morning but then the skies changed so quickly, by the time I realized that the sun was up, I was already inside the cab listening to the beats of Grimes. It was still decent on my part since

Exhibit A: If you would ask me a year ago, I WOULD NEVER WEAR LACED UP BOOTS TO SCHOOL -- not even on a Sunday. I'd rather wear pajamas. But I wore them! Yes! Hashtag courageous. haha

Exhibit B: Since I wore this on a Sunday, I had all the societal freedom to wear boots. Condemn me in your thoughts. I won't budge in. And we all live in the time of "tiis ganda" and style over comfort. Once in a while we adapt to these notions. I myself am guilty, although I don't take matters for the long stride. I take comfort WITH style any day but I try to get out of my box once in a while. 

Exhibit C: PINK. It's the hardest color to wear and I somehow made it okay(?) haha 

The title was lifted from a conversation I had with two young fellows who asked about my business, Metanoia. (If you are reading, you guys have a great future panned out for you) ;-) 

Going back, the casual talks turned into something much more personal. They told me about their struggles in school most especially dealing with their teachers, subjects and classmates. 

I won't go into further details but what struck me most was their recognition of mean girls -- girls mocking other girls just because they think highly of themselves, loud and obnoxious people who think they own everything they spit on, (yes they were too busy acknowledging other people's opinions), people who think they're all that.

And what made me extremely disappointed was these people came from my alma mater. Nakakahiya! Here's a heads up for you:

Just because you come from a prestigious private school doesn't give you ANY right to bash people who don't live up, or on your case, live down to your standards.
Not everyone will so much as stoop down to the level of your spoiled brat sensibilities. Okay? I came from Addu High and I befriended everyone from all walks of life. I don't have the most lavish lifestyle but I know my place and I don't pretend to be anyone else. My classmates coming from the same high school? We got to different groups and mingled with different people. We never secluded our world to ourselves and we never push away people who didn't come from our high school. Put those words inside of your thick bubble head. You are way too full of yourselves. 

And no, I wont be hypocritical about it but I had my fair share of lapses towards other people. Everyone has -- but never in my 17 years of education in Ateneo (nabuking na tuloy ang age) have I encountered spiteful, repugnant teenagers who bully people coming from different high schools, different places. Whatever happened to "men and women for others"? Hmm? Did that get lost in your diarrhea blabbering? Did that get lost in your twitter feed?

Mind you, I felt as though the whole world would just eat me when they mentioned about getting bullied by  my co-alma maters. The gist is, you guys may be privileged, young and at the upper crust of the society but that doesn't give you the warrant to do what you want all the time.  Does the word RESPECT still ring a bell to you? You are not cool. You think you are but you're not. You will never be. You aspire to be. Keep dreaming. The real cool ones are them, all the people you make fun of, because they hold so much ease and grace to admit your existence but resist to give in to your dearth. Yes, sure you have made them cry but that just made them stronger. And that just made you look like assholes. Yes, I went there. You're talking from a real mean girl here. 

I hope you dabbled in the words I've written above. It just irks me knowing that some people are too prideful. Too arrogant. And I really feel ashamed of them.

As for these people, I hope you take all the words here. Inhale it. And feel the shame that I'm feeling. Exhale. Now are you feeling better towards these people? Not? Well, karma says hi by the way. 


  1. Hi! Where did you get your hair fixed? :)

    1. the most recent one was in hairzone, :)

  2. great post Pat! Rant on! I recall girls like that from my high school, but actually, I don't think it was quite as bad because i didn't go to an exclusive, private or religious school, and I think those schools sometimes, perhaps unintentionally breed that kind of us vs them mentality. Not in everyone obviously, but when you go to a generic government funded public school, all kinds of people go there with you... u learn to get along with everyone.
    great outfit, I think you rocks boots and pink. :D

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone in this. Thanks for your wonderful insight Jacqueline! :)

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