Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How I Would Spend The Kadayawan Festival

Forever 21 shirt | Monkey Business skater skirt |
Random from Tokyo backpack | Dorothy Perkins flats 

Happy Kadayawan Davao! :)


My prediction for today is: it will involve a lot of binge eating and money spending (even though I'm almost broke now, truth to be told). Come to think of it, I couldn't care less about spending since this festival only happens once a year, moreover today almost got cancelled because of recent threats in nearby cities. But I have faith in my city and our beloved mayor. I'm sure everyone will be well taken care of. Safety is after all paramount.

So okay, it's Kadayawan! What to do first.

Maybe I'll go around the malls with my barkada. Pig out or watch a movie. No. Scratch that. I've been watching too much movies lately. I'd probably watch the parade(?) instead or check out the Davcon bazaar. Hmm. I'll figure it out later. 


This skater skirt from Monkey Business is the perfect garment for a day full of adventures. :) Check out their instagram account: monkeybusiness19

In the myopia of circumstances that I won't be able to enjoy my day, I would kick back, relax and finish reading the retreat letters I received from 5 years ago. You see, yesterday I was rummaging through stacks and stacks of carton boxes looking for a really important piece of paper(which I will be telling you about soon, at the right time), and I saw the pile of letters -- dusty but still intact. I can't help but smile at how much effort these people put into these papers. 

I had a lot of friends -- I thought. I have about 200 letters here. It makes me sad that some of these people  are strangers to me now. Because of varying reasons. Because we grew up separately. Because of distance. Because of unfamiliarity through the years. It never occurred to me 5 years ago that these people who put their time and effort writing those sweet words, would eventually whisk their way to the unknown.

But I still smiled knowing full well that I was once thought of, that I was special to them. And now all of the feelings remain in these stationaries -- decorative papers cut in different shapes and sizes.

Why can't we go back to yesteryear? When everyone wrote letters and sent them to the once they loved. I still give out letters but on rare occasions. And if you did receive a letter from me, consider yourself lucky. And I hope you find the courage to read it again, brush the dust that envelopes, comprehend my bipolar penmanship and digest the words as you remember the way it was.

But might as well enjoy the day before we lose it. Happy Kadayawan everyone! :)


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  1. I have a big box of letters from the earlier days before emails too. It's comforting when i got home to look through them, I organized them by people and tied them with little bits of cloth, so when i read through them, it's like opening a little package. lovely outfit too :)