Saturday, June 15, 2013

On Dressing Up Lightly

 Cotton On shirt | Shorts (gift) | 
Mango bag | Vans shades | Topshop sneakers

 It's been a week of absence! I've missed blogging. :( This week was hell as expected and the least I can do to make up for it is to post something as early as now. Well, as you all know, rainy days are here again and school has just started. I've been such a trainwreck, it's really embarrassing. BUT. But, I've met a few awesome people which is quite a feat.

So for this look, I wanted to dress up like an orange picked from a tree last summer -- yeah, yeah I've got that Summertime Sadness. haha The only thing I can do to prevent me from being lethargic is by NOT dressing up too seriously and bring in some colors. The last thing I want to be in is my comfy bed, as I have A LOT of things to look out to. Nakakaloka! 

 Let's bring in sunshine on cloudy days!  

A few things on my list this week: I might (emphasis on might) be coming back to my alma mater, ATENEO DE DAVAO HIGH SCHOOL this Friday for our Division's Orientation Day. I'm planning on  putting up a booth and discuss about STYLE ZODIAC's  clothing line, METANOIA. So for my Atenista youngsters, watch out for that, I will be announcing if it will push through sooner or later (as I have no full details as of the moment). Ngarag ang beauty ni ati. I would be so glad to meet all of you! Let's make chikka! Yes? :)

Also, I along with Aidx Paredes will be selling most of our personal clothes by the end of the week, so watch out for the poster. :)


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  1. what a wicked top! meow! you don't look quite like an over picked orange, but, you look stylish as all hell!