Saturday, June 08, 2013

How To Trick People Into Thinking You're NOT A Mess

 Notations top | Forever 21 skirt | Sm Accessories belt
Ralph Lauren bag | S.O. Fab! spiked loafers

     So this is what I wore months ago (yes you read that right; notice the shorter and blacker hair) to school. Scratch that. Thinking about it now, I know for sure my school wouldn't let me in wearing this. So maybe it wasn't for school. Good golly, I can't remember.

      Moving on, looking at this very happy photo of me made me ponder about some things. Although honestly speaking, I would have totally made a fuss about how fat my cheeks are in this photo or how I have the ugliest knees known to man (not that mentioning it makes a total difference), I feel glad that I look happy during this time. 

Which made me thinking:

      Now, I'm in my busiest, most difficult, grueling time of my whole university life (for all of you saying Ateneo's a college now, reality check: in your dreams). And the last thing I want anyone to see is me giving up. Pat Bacaltos crying in front of strangers. Eating inside a restroom cubicle. Flunking math to impress a guy. LOL. Tina Fey would be proud of me. I don't want to fail. I don't want to have any more bad experiences. I don't want to have problems. I think nobody does. But there are external factors that we have no control over and the actuality is, life knots are all around us. We just have to keep untangling them and making sure in the end, we make them intact and strong and in turn, become lessons for future references. We don't like making the same mistakes right? In case that we do or the external factors risk our way to success, then we should learn from the past and apply them to solve these challenges. 

      While am at it, I don't want to have people thinking I'm at my downfall. It's okay to fail "sometimes", but I guess we should still keep our cool and remain proper composure at all times, especially at these searing times of our lives. So I made a list on how to trick people into thinking you're NOT a mess. Take it seriously or laugh a long with me but these are SOME of what I have done before; when I feel like punching myself in the gut and gobble a bottle full of Flinstones Chewable Vitamins:

1. SMILE. It's contagious -- just like yawning. Yawning. Yawning. I bet you're yawning now. haha. Did I make you smile? :)
 Yes? Well, smiling even though all the problems of the world is above you will somehow trick you into thinking you're happy and people will respond to the happiness they're seeing. 

2. Don't post sad statuses on Facebook or tweet about how "woe is me" 24/7. It's alright to let them know that you're sad;
 but when they start posting about you (making parinig) at how annoying you are, then it's about time you stop yapping and go find a solution to your problem. (I am SO guilty of this).

3.Well, if you ARE active on Twitter, use it to retweet happy and thought provoking quotes to get you through the day. 
Tweet happy memories and shove it into our home pages. Only the insecure will hate you for it; otherwise, tweet away! Normal people would be glad if you do. 


4.Or you could totally NOT take number 1,  2 and 3 and be very, very, very transparent about it. MAINTAIN YOUR INTERNET PRESENCE and say: " HELLO WORLD! I've got a beautiful life and you can't faze me!" 
Because really, if you don't like being active in the cyber world, people would conclude you're either in prison, rehab, pregnant with a stranger, can't afford the internet or can't afford to go the computer shop. That would be very terrible for your track record, so please tweet away! 

5. Disable the tagging options on your Facebook and make them invisible. Because really, if you want to trick people into thinking you're NOT a mess, no one should be able to see you down on the floor, drunk as hell, smothered with white powder all over your face. 
People should see that you have a perfect life for Pete's sake!

Didn't work? I thought so. 

Or maybe...

Get up with a smile on your face. Shower. Sing in the shower. Sing happy songs in the shower. Put on some nice and clean clothes.  Eat them healthy breakfast. Hug your dogs. Play with your dogs. Do your tasks. Do your priorities for the day. Say "Thank You" when it's called for. Hold the door. Call your mom, say "I love you". Meet new people. Avoid doing your work right before the deadline. Be hardworking. Get financially stable. Pray and say "thank you"-- because it's called for. You're not really a mess. It's just a phase in your life.

But it's really the quiet ones we should look out for. The ones who go silent when they have problems. Holding it all inside will take its toll on them and who knows? Maybe they just need a friend. Stop falling down on the floor, take a break with the hemp, sit down and talk to them. That's the beginning of the end of pretentious happiness. And maybe you don't have to trick people anymore.


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