Saturday, May 25, 2013

What I've Been Up To

Top random from Seoul | WAGW tweed shorts
Bag random from Tokyo | Lacoste sneakers

I apologize for the one week hiatus. I've been really busy juggling school, LIEU Magazine and my business (which I will tell you all about soon). This post won't be long, in fact, I'll really cut it short since I have a very important agenda for today.

This is what I wore yesterday, meeting my cousin and tito from California. We had dinner at Mesa (they have the best food -- bar none). The shorts sadly gave up on me -- saw a huge tear before going out. Tsk tsk. And I've only gotten to wear it once! It's a sign that I should slow down my food intake. haha I've been chowing down gratuitous opportunities right at my face, literally and figuratively! Food and blessings, doesn't matter which comes first. haha

I'm so blessed! :) 


Have a blessed Sunday! :)


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  1. great shorts! and i kinda want that tee shirt!!