Wednesday, April 24, 2013


PRISM - Geometric lines layering with Art Deco Architecture resulting a unique ability to make prim look seductive.
The collection is mostly created in Brocade, organza and mikado silk executed to sculptural quality , married to the austere. Dresses are crafted to celebrate women's body with unexpected peek-a-boo element. Fascinating construction is very much evident mostly in the bodice. Manipulation of darts and the marriage of different fabrics resulted into a fresh texture. The use of color to each dress was also perfectly injected and added excitement to every consumer.

(Photos by Patriscia Bacaltos)
With my models (L-R) Christel, Dotty, Elaine, Ayra, Rush, Flor and Alyssa

Photo by John Gorre

I would like to thank my family for their never ending support especially my uncle who helped me construct the pattern pieces of my collection and of course for supporting me financially. I wouldn't have gone this far without the help of my dear friend Grand Ravacio who is my fashion fairy, thanks Grand for everything! I couldn't forget Rosanna Dizon who never fails to support me even we're distance apart and to Sir Ryan Wong (MUA) and Sir Allan Cuison (Hair Stylist) who made the girls even more beautiful! Thank you guys!


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