Friday, April 26, 2013

Miss Prim and Proper

D'musthave dress | Forever 21 necklace |
Mango bag | Christian Siriano x Payless ankle boots 

Hey Hey! How are you guys doing? I'm currently in my favorite chair, sipping on hot chocolate and gobbling my peanut kisses. It's been raining for a full 30 minutes now and I'm in here stuck at the comforts of ze brother's room --  pretty much amused at the truck full of agendas I have for tonight. 

I've been so busy. 

Now, moving on to my look, I wore this to Wilson's Grad Show a couple of days back. This was the dress I initially planned on wearing during the Forever 21 event but fate decided that I would wear this on Sunday, I practically fitted in Wilson's collection because of THE dominant colors: red and black.

Oh I so love this dress! Can you tell? I love D'musthave's garments, they always have the newest trends which come at the most affordable prices. I'll buy some again soon. :) 

Oh shiz. Thunder! 

So random. haha Anyway, I've been using this bag quite too often. I've been wondering why as well -- maybe because it's easier to bring and pair with. What do you think? I think a clutch would have been nice with this look but I didn't see the purpose of bringing a small one. I have the deepest loathing for small bags, I hate it when they can only house my lipstick or my cellphone. It sucks, but of course if it's Judith Leiber, I could NEVER say no. haha I love her cute designs, I know for a fact that I can't afford it... yet. haha Hmm. Maybe a few years from now? Let's not get caught up in my wishful thinking. haha

Ambisyosa eh. haha


Until the next post! :)



  1. I really thought your dress was from F21! :)

    1. Check out their online store. Ganda ganda ng benta

  2. Cool dress :)good thing your brother lest you be in his room :D

    Miss Cielo

    1. Thanks Cielo. Yes yes. He's not here anymore that's why he has no choice but to let me. haha :)

  3. Much love,
    "Loved this blog post <3