Monday, March 18, 2013


H&M top | Mom's denim jacket | 
Steve Madden satchel | Sneaker platforms random from Tokyo

Ola! I'm leaving for Manila tonight; but before that, I have to run some errands - like posting a new and very hipster look for example. At 32 degrees Celsius yesterday, I think it was the most excellent idea to wear shorts, sans the denim jacket of course

If you're wondering why the pictures are different from my previous posts, it's because I used a 77mm Tokina lens. It makes my shoes look so big! haha 

On a random note, I remember painting the background wall with my younger brother. This was  originally white and I thought it was a little arid, so I told my mother, "Why don't we paint the whole house yellow?". And so she agreed, plus I got to paint my room from a very dull pink to a perfect dreamy purple. Now I don't get to use my room though cause my father and I switched rooms. Haha That was totally a Mean Girls moment but naah, he MADE me switch rooms. He likes my room better. That's the magic of the color purple (my idea) haha. Heeee <3

The shoes are really comfy. They're cute plus, I grew a few inches taller. Ha ha Cheap cheat!

I may not have any new posts for the coming days since I will divulge my time exploring Australia.

See you soon!



  1. Your shoes look so comfy and perfect! I've been looking to get a pair of platform sneaks so I can get a few inches taller too :]


    1. Converse have one of these. :) They're really comfy!