Sunday, March 17, 2013


Mango white button down | Topshop belt |Shorts from bazaar
Topshop bag | Michael Kors sneakers

Hello! It's already midnight and I'm wide awake! I've started packing for my upcoming break, not really knowing what to bring. HELP!  My father told me not to bring a lot, but you know me, I always try to sneak in a few more pieces. :)

So what's your summer plan? I've been thinking about getting my driver's license once and for all, and also start going to the gym, or better yet, enroll in a dance class (I am such a frustrated dancer). haha! While I'm at it, I will be taking up summer classes - again. I really do think taking up summer classes is detrimental to my blogging duties; but of course, school should be the #1 priority so I guess, I just have to weigh things out. KALERQUI.

I glow. Yo. 

So this is what I wore two days ago, during Araw ng Davao. I wanted to wear something light and laid back so I chose to wear this 5-year old button down (my favorite amongst all my white button downs), and my trusty shorts and sneakers. I swear, these sneakers are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. It feels just like I'm walking on pillows. Aaaaah, soft and bouncy. <3

Apparently, not only was I the one who thought about going laid back, my good friend, Bia had almost the same outfit as I had - talk about coincidence.


To recap my day, I'll show you some of the pictures I took using my Nikon D7000 (yes I use D7000 now) .

 1:30 PM: Met with Bia and ate lunch at Teriyaki Boy. Had lots of chikka!
5 PM: After hours and hours of waiting, Cha finally decided to show up. Her reason - she forgot to wake up for our get together. :| Damn Cha! haha
6 PM: Went to Starbucks with the boys.

Ending the night, we went to our friend's house and had debates, drinks and a lot of laughs in between.


 If you've noticed the topless guy in the pictures, that's confident James Carpio for ya. :)




  1. Pat! Let's go to the gym and get our license! I need karamay for both! HAHA :)

    1. Weeeee! buti na lang! Tara sabay tayo :)