Saturday, February 02, 2013

Niñofranco Prom Collection + My Prom Sentiments


 Hello Guys! Prom season is here - that is for my hip and fashionable highschool ladies and gents. Allow me to introduce to you the most apt collection Niñofranco has to offer this season: PROM
It's a given quite obviously. It's amazing how talented my tag team partner is.  I love this particular collection cause it not only screams sophistication with its intricate details, but it also evokes boldness with the leather-like fabric. 

 They come in four's: Peplum tube dress, V-neckline dress, and two cut-out dresses which I couldn't wear because of someone's strict and conservative policies. Ugh. 

The dresses are simply divine and original.  
But of course, you can also wear them to any formal and semi-formal event.

If you want to purchase the dresses please contact Wilson Limon through his facebook account: WILSON LIMON

Don't be shy. :)

 Sigh. This made me reminisce high school and all the idiosyncrasies my barkadas did, especially during Prom 5 years ago. haha! Nabuking na tuloy ang age. Oh Prom,  why must you fail me? I had the most embarrassing dress that evening, a tangerine dress with a big bow at the front. Ang lala grabe! haha A year after, we had our Senior's Bash, I thought it was my chance to get back up from last year's blunder but no- it was even worse than Prom. I had a bouffant, dark make-up, a dress that malfunctioned and unstable pumps. I looked like Mrs. Frankenstein! NEVER AGAIN. 

After years of contemplation and self-reservation, I've realized how much I've grown. I'm in such a good place in my life right now. 

So if you do not want to have the same Prom mistakes that I did, choose the dresses I have here. Haha Galing ng segue! :)  Also, with make-up, choose one part of your face that you'd want to accentuate, here are simple equations:

Bold red lips + black wingtip eyeliner
Smokey eye + nude lips

 Hope this will help you. Goodluck on your Prom Night girls! Stand tall and stand proud: even if you don't like your dress or your make-up, people would salute you for your confidence and grace. Believe me, that's how I survived that night. haha

Kayo, what's your Promenade story? :) I'd love to know


 Thanks Ate Cris! 

Here's the 3rd dress: cut-outs with an asymmetrical skirt. Perfect noh? The 4th dress is with Wilson, so you have to contact him if you want to see it. :)


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