Thursday, January 17, 2013

Braving the Cold Weather Versus Enduring the Scorching Heat

 Urban Behavior studded sweater | Gap button down | Urban Behavior pants | Shoes random from Korea | Aldo bag | Customized skirt | Payless sandals

Hello! :) I had so much fun playing dress up, does it bother you? haha I hope you won't find me too weird, wait, I already count myself as one. haha Which look do you think I went for? :)

I was in good spirits to have a mini dress up, showing you here two looks that you can go for with your favorite sweater. I wanted to incorporate the weather blues in my looks to allow readers from the colder climates to seek my reference too - only if you want to, don't rush. 

As for us here in the Phil, we're stuck between the confines of 24-34°C, even going so far as 36! But it doesn't mean we can't wear sweaters or boots or tights or jackets (Konteng tiis lang haha!) ; we can actually wear them, as long as we know how and where to use them. Don't bother wearing boots on the beach, jusko! I will really pray for you. A/c rooms and establishments can do no wrong.

I really, really wanted to wear this. I think if I did, I would have died. haha

 The sweater was immensely itchy! Blame the sequins. Tiis ganda lang talaga! haha


You guessed it! I chose to wear this one, quite obviously. Sweaters look really good paired with skirts. A good mix of girly and preppy, it's a perfect combination!  I'd wear something like this again in a heartbeat.


How would you wear you favorite sweater in your kind of weather? haha I made a rhyme!


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  1. I prefer the second pic! Same here. I think oversized sweaters look perfect together with mini skirts :)

    natawa naman ako sa tiis ganda na sinabi mo.
    super relate naman ako jan.haha :))

    -xoxo, FRANCES