Friday, November 16, 2012


This post is way overdue. I was busy the whole week trying to add a certain subject - a grueling process I do not wish to happen again but sigh, I'm so happy I was granted to take Cost Accounting from the Accountancy Division. Thank yous are not enough to cover the gratitude I have for the persons who helped me get through it. I most especially thank our Entrepreneurship Director, Sir Jess for guiding me all the way. 

Anyway, I want to share to you guys our first day in Tokyo, Japan. My dad tagged me along since he had no other option (my brothers are currently living in Vancouver). Ha Ha! It was tremendously one of the best vacations in my life so far. The city was almost perfect: generally safe, people are disciplined, respectful and hardworking, the food was magical in every sense of the word, the weather was fine and windy and the city was alive and kicking through most of the day. 

So allow me to share to you guys, some photos during our first day. No photos of my dad upon his strict "request". haha

 We arrived before sunrise. Ngerrk. But we explored the airport and found a mini museum full of the most huggable, cutest, adorable plush toys anyone can imagine. I saw Hello Kitty first, Anpanman and then Totoro and his small furry friend. I smiled so wide, my cheeks went numb. My eyes literally spat out. It dawned on me that I was being a little too giddy upon seeing the security guard's puzzled face.

Totoro is love y'all.
 Any airport with a roof deck with an amazing view should be a telltale sign of a city's surprises.

Art everywhere.

The thing is, any place that's too crowded or any place not giving me any personal space are two of my pet peeves. The subway was so crowded during peak hours that they decided to employ security personnel in almost every entry. It's a smart move since they control the number of people getting in; avoiding anything tantamount to chaos.

But in most hours and in most places, the train was peaceful and when I say peaceful, it's equivalent to silence. In my observation, the Japanese avoid eye contact, they mind their own business, they don't talk on the phone (they put their phones on silent mode) and they'd rather close their eyes and take a nap inside the carriage. I told you about them being disciplined right? I've somehow managed to adapt their style and took naps in between next stops.  

 In Ueno Park exploring its vast museums and gardens.

ASOS Trench Coat | Oasap leggings used as scarf |
Terranova jeans | Sm Parisian loafers

I tried to be as creative as possible. :)
 Japan has the highest senior citizen population. However, I don't see anything wrong with it. They look so peaceful o, minding their own business, their personal space. Aaaah what a dream.

 Cute kids. But I was eyeing on Doraemon the whole time. I secretly wanted to go on that merry go round. haha

 Ngaww :)
 We went to Ueno Zoo.
 How innovative and convenient. I'll have one of these when I get my own children. Ha ha!

 The shoes that lasted two days full of walking and panting.
 Is that a flying saucer I see? I only noticed it now. Whoa!

I guess he doesn't need to go to the gym anymore. 

 We bought the Hello Kitty chocolate-filled custard. Yum!

 We went to Odaiba Island at night. No one should miss this place.

 Bought a few items here. AAAH! My favorite brands in one mall. <3 They had Uniqlo in there too.

Until the next Tokyo Day Post! Which I hope I can put up soon. hihi. Have a great weekend everybody! Going out to meet Wilson now. Bye! :)



  1. OMG PAT!!! I envy your life =)) Europe then Tokyo in one year! And their airport is so nice! Parang di airport :)

    1. The airport's so beautiful talaga Far. Ikaw nanaman next :)

  2. OMG! I love the kids! They look sooo cute! Love your photos, Pat!! <3

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