Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Back from Harajuku

Attention ( Japanese brand ) top | H&M Jeans | 
Hub shoes | Bag (random from Tokyo)

Hi! :)

It's been so long! How was your vacation?  I know you all had fun since sembreak was extra longer. I surely did have a blast as well.  Anyway, what did you guys do during the break?

Sorry for the quality, this was really blurry. The pictures didn't go well with the strong winds Davao had this afternoon. :(

So some of my friends and my followers on Instagram (patrisciab), have known this for quite a while, I spent the last few days in Tokyo, Japan. There's not one word to describe the experience. There are way too much adjectives spinning inside my head, going through my mouth and my fingers. haha It was an exhilarating, tiresome (we walked a lot), heart pounding ( too many cute everything!), learning adventure. I went with my father, as usual and toured around the streets of Harajuku, Shibuya, Ginza and many more. I will share the photos as soon as my father arrives from Manila. My 8gig flash drive just wouldn't do. :(

So here's what I wore earlier to our first day of school. I wish I didn't go though 'cause 75% of our teachers were absent. Just our luck. But nevertheless, I had so much fun seeing my friends again. Always, their initial reaction: " Your hair got longer". Yeah well, I bought hair clip ons that's why. haha

Walang sinabi ang Titanic sa sapatos ko. hahaha! 
These were everywhere in Harajuku. This was by far the simplest design I could buy for Davao's conservative eyes. It's so comfy, I could walk all day in these, well I did, didn't I?

 Still going for simplicity whenever in school. :) Hassle-free, stress free life. 



  1. I DM-ed you! But anyway, yay! More posts na sana from you Pat! I missed reading your blogs :))

    1. I love our convo! haha chismis.

      hihi thanks Far <3 I will try to though hehe

  2. Hi Pat! forever adorbs <3

    1. hihi, you yourself are adorable Hannah :)

  3. longer hair looks good on you!

    Chamee of

    1. Really? gaah. I got a bit worried about it though. hihi thank you Chamee :)