Friday, September 07, 2012

QUICK POST: Ombre for Dinner

Miss Selfridge ombre cardigan | G2000 white tank | Cache Cache necklace
H&M jeggings | Sm Dept Store Sandals
Charles & Keith bag


Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I've been really busy this exam week. I'm so glad it's over! 

What's up? 

Me. Meh. Just another week full of drama.

THOUGHT TO PONDER: You know what irks me the most? People who you spend so much time to understand, care for and love and who in turn gets the best of your abilities; only to find out that they have been shipwrecked by their own God-forsaken minds. People who are so hasty in making their own drama and when they get caught up in the loop, they avoid it as much as they can -- then they eventually pass their problems to other people. How can one sleep with so much guilt eh? 

And to all the nosy people who have their noses up in my business, your immaturity offends me. I have learned this before, NEVER EVER be crude to people you have no business with. AGAIN, your premature minds need stitching. 

To the people who have used my patience and kindness abusively, you really don't want to see me angry now do you? I can be just as worst as you have imagined I would be.   From on here, I leave you all with the sincerest "kiss my ass".

No my dear readers, the words up there aren't for you of course -- you guys are too cool for words. Sometimes we have to fight for something, especially when we're in the righteous position. Do you agree?:)

Enough about all the drama this week.

Moving on, here's another quick post for you today. :) A simple outfit to complement the tasking week.


I wore blue jeggings to create fluidity in this look. I built my outfit around the ombre cardigan, considered using 2 main colors for the rest of my look, white and blue.

And then, to break off the familiarity, I added this gold necklace. Dainty and simple - it goes with any ensemble!

The play of shades give this look a refreshing touch. Matchy-matchy isn't so ugly after all. :)


Watch out for more outfit posts! :)




  1. Hello, Pat.

    Don't mind them. They don't even matter for sure. =)

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Aww thanks Chyrel! I really have to meet you. :) So nice!

    1. Lagi, we should! Puhon bah! Dili ra kaayo layo ang Davao ug Cebu.