Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Quick Post: Dealing with the Dress Code

Dorothy Perkins cardigan | Dress - gift | Parfois cuff
Tomato bag | Payless flats

 What do you do when your school prohibits short sleeveless dresses? Why you reinvent of course! I went to school looking like I belonged in spring time. Gaah. I wore this very thick stockings underneath my immaculate dress. Mehe. But during my night class I removed them because it was getting too hot.I wouldn't dare remove my cardigan because then I'd probably be getting stares from my schoolmates. No one wants that. I'm learning how to be discreet this time. :)

 This dress is so beautiful. My friend's mom actually made me choose between two colors, this one and a pink dress with the same scarf print design. I had a hard time choosing though, but I eventually ended up with this. It reminds me so much of the ocean. Is this a sign for me to hit the beach again?? I guess. :)

When dealing with scarf printed dress, you can either maximize it by wearing a printed blazer as well, or downplay it with a neutral colored cardigan. It's up to your style. But me deciding to be a wallflower that day picked up this cream colored cardigan just to mellow it down and give the dress all the attention. 

Too keep it a little more interesting, I used a snakeskin bag -- perfect for all my books and notebooks.
Sadly, I have no pictures of me wearing stockings. It would've made the look vastly different.

Guys, watch out for our anniversary giveaway tomorrow! :)




  1. Ganahan kaayo ko sa color ug print sa imohang dress! Love that you shot it behind the yellow background.

    1. Salamat kaayo Chyrel =) haha there was no other choice =)