Friday, September 14, 2012

Koreanalized + Get Your Appetites Going!

EDC by Esprit shirt | Max & Co. skirt | Sm Dept. Store bag |
Converse sneakers


    The Chuck Taylors - perhaps my most loved possession, it's been with me for 5 years(?) and it has never failed me. As one of my classmates said, "the older the Chucks, the better" and I totally agree; it gives off a rather robust look to any of my girly outfits.

So this is what I wore yesterday for the opening of my classmates' restaurant, Falooda. They serve Indian ice cream and many other food varieties. I'll discuss that to you a bit later but for now, we'll talk about my outfit.Yikes. haha

I didn't plan on having an outfit post - swear! But the situation called for it, I had my cam with me and I had nothing better to do. This one is pretty simple and my not-in-your-face look. My friend said this is so typical "Pat" and I thank Koreans for giving me the inspiration. You see I always see them in these kinds of outfits. Why on earth do they look so effortless? I remember when I was in Korea a year ago and I literally spurt out words of admiration towards them (silently) haha. I felt so inferior just standing beside them blatantly looking at their awesomeness. Okay. I have to stop right here. But yes, I salute Koreans for being innately fashionable.

We have been Koreanalized -- if there is such a term. We have been influenced  as to the extent of wearing clothes from Korea, eating their fine cuisine and even listening to their music. Gangnam Style! haha Even I get so in tuned. But I can't say I'm a big Kpop fan, no not really. But I just happen to love 2NE1. What's not to love right? Anyway, when we talk about Korean fashion, we always associate the title with "cute + comfy". I've oh so been amused of their nonchalant style. Everything they wear - cute, bagay, fashion! But when I do wear their stuff, meh. I'd like to think I can pass off as "cute". Kahit yun na lang! haha

Ugh, and their food -- I am completely enamored with Korean cuisine --their street food is divine intervention on Earth. I am gaga for kimchi: raddish or cabbage. Oh and don't get me started with kimbap! aaah. I'm getting hungry!

And since we're already talking about food, I'd like you to have a sneak peek of Falooda Halo-halo's Grand Opening; this is my classmates' restaurant located along Mabini and V. Mapa St., Davao City (at Mabini Complex). This is in compliance to our major subjects - being young entrepreneurs and all. Choz!

Trust me, their Indian Halo-halo is to die for! I also love their ice cream, Kulfi (correct me if I'm wrong guys).
My friend, Victor, co-owner of Siobites. 

I'm so excited about their menu.Can't wait to eat their own renditions of Fish and Chips, Nachos and the Sloppy Joe! 
Vic, Sam and Justin peeking. haha

Here's another one of my classmates' baby project: Siobites: The Bite-sized Siopao. 
My favorite is their Chili Con Carne, I love eating this with hot sauce. Yummy!

Here's another one: Regrub's Burger, 100% Pure beef patties. They have the juiciest patties out there. This is not one to miss! 

Tea-Sirs: Drink tea like a sir! Their teas are affordable, healthy and flavorful. Suki na ako dito! haha

Siobites, Regrub's Burger, Teasirs, along with Moochos, Cherry Crunch Pretzos and Kookieologie are located at McLawrence Cafe & Bar Compound, de Jesus Corner Padre Gomez St, fronting Humberto's Hotel.

. See you guys there! :)


  1. I don't get that gangnam style or could be because I secretly loathe some K's. They tend to noisy when in groups and...

    Love Chucks too. Always had.

  2. maybe you happen to meet the noisy "k's" lang. :)) my korean friends are the most quiet ones in class.

    noh? aren't chucks the best? :)