Thursday, June 28, 2012

So They Say Everybody's A Blogger

Penshoppe Jeans | Jellybean aztec oxfords

     So blogging is becoming mainstream they say. A line hipsters*  may assert ( * although I sometimes have symptoms of being one ). In blogging, the most coveted opportunities will surely come knocking on your doors and I don't blame my co-bloggers. Come on, blogging is fun - you get to meet new people from all walks of fashion, have photoshoots, and oh did I mention the freebies? Well, these are just some of what blogging has done for me. Not only have I met some of our readers ( *blushes*  gaah) but I also get to exchange thoughts about fashion, travel, and my life here. I like sharing about my insights so Facebook isn't my type of arena - it's too claustrophobic for me. In blogger, I can spread my wings and type the hell I want ( okay, not everything but yes, you get the picture). So for all you people complaining about how everybody's a blogger, please, walang basagan ng trip. It's our page. Our life. Not your story. Goodbye!

Did I sound a bit too harsh? Sorry. It just annoys me when someone complains about blogging when they can't even lift a single barbel to save their life. Geez.

But being a blogger doesn't mean that you have the license to criticize. You know, I'm not a hypocrite, sometimes I DO bash "secretly within my friends' circle" . But you know, it irks me when I do that. Usually, I keep it all to myself since I don't always dress up to my kind of perfect. After all, everybody's different.

Oh there's that pose again! Jae will kill me!
Would you believe that this shirt is thrifted? I believe that this is fate!  

                 After 4 months, I got to wear these again! It's really hard to match it with my busy printed clothes. 


So Hello, I'm a blogger! I like dressing up, I like saying what's on my mind. I like fashion and traveling.  I like meeting interesting people. I'm not perfect but I'm genuine. 

Welcome to our blog. =)





  2. nice top!! and really love your shoes!!! :) nice outfit! :)