Saturday, June 23, 2012

Comfort Zone


               Remember when I said that I have a really strong feeling of uncertainty towards colorful print on print? Well, it's still somewhat true since I still don't have the audacity to wear them. Generally, I can pull print on print off  (not so colorful) somewhere else, particularly during weekends. But having said that, I CAN wear this particular attire to school IF ONLY skirts this short were allowed.


I guess I've managed to succeed  in this hashed out trend. I don't know. For me, the prints don't clash, considering the huge difference of the spatiality. The minimal colors did me a huge favor. I added a pop of color through the red bag and made everything simple.

( I didn't comb my hair, obvious diba? haha)

I have actually worn something similar to this in school. Yes because they're not too loud. =)

Let's all try something out of our comfort zones. You can really see the bigger picture when you see yourself from the other side. =)




  1. i'd like to try putting something on that's actually out of my comfort zone, kaso takot ako baka di bagay. mejo malaman pa naman ako. LOL.

    anyways, nice outfit po. you look great. ang cute din ng bag. :)

  2. We actually have the same fear Angel but i think all you need is confidence. It keeps me sane. bahala na anong sabihin n ibang tao. Haha

    Thanks for dropping by :)