Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sunday Cravings


 I forgot this dish's name. But I know it's lamb. haha
My chicken kebab <3
 Papa's Beef Kebab.
Scrumptious  Platter <3

Whenever my father's around, we always make it a point to have lunch or snacks out. We were really craving for paella, so we first went to Sabroso Food Market at Yellowhauz but they didn't have any, then we went straight to Tiny Kitchen - but the resto was closed. We went to Abreeza instead - still no paella; so we finally decided to eat at Cafe Mediterranean. Photos 1-4 were taken last Sunday at Cafe Mediterranean while the last two photos were taken months ago at T.G.I Friday's

Used my ever faithful 50mm. Now I'm feeling hungry all over again! 



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  1. I am hungry now :)

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