Friday, April 20, 2012

4/10: While In Amsterdam

Jacket: Ventiuno
Scarf: Pashmina
Sweater: Uniqlo
Leggings: The Ramp
Loafers: Celine

I have only one request guys, and that is if you could control your laughter while reading this. 

Okay, I know that won't happen , who's kidding who? haha! Forgive me for posting THAT picture for that was the most decent and I mean DECENT photo I have while in Amsterdam. The city was so windy, the coldest place I visited in Europe.

Well anyway, on another news, I heard that Uniqlo is opening soon here in the Philippines! Yeyy! In Manila though but at least it's within my father's reach! He loves Uniqlo too. =)

 Picturesque landscape. Ugh. I want to live here!
 Say CHEESE. haha! Literally!
I look so pissed. That's because that Coke bottle cost me 2.50 Euros, that's about 140 in our currency. Here in the Philippines, that's one whole meal already.

So if you're planning to go here, expect 2k-3k for 2 persons in a decent restaurant. Yeah, we did that but not every time though. We had to try their food once in a while noh, European Cuisine is just as exquisite as I have imagined. Most of the time though, we headed to fastfood restos - which is tamer.

 Coffee shop -Riiiiiight. haha
Fashyown! Keri!

I loved Amsterdam; learned, saw, smelled, heard, tasted so many things here! And no, I didn't try the mj's. I'm a good girl. =)

Next post: 5/10: Bonjour Paris!




  1. I love the photos pat! and your loafers <3

  2. wow! u are so lucky pat, europe is love!! i love ur loafers and ur style,cool!!

  3. PAAAAT. Amsterdam is gorge! and what is with dads and Uniqlo? My dad loves Uniqlo too :))