Thursday, April 19, 2012

3/10: Day 2 in Brussels

 Jacket: Ventiuno
Shirt: Souvenir shirt from Brussels
Jeggings: H&M
Boots: Cinderella
Bag: Parfois

Excuse my face- this was about 7 in the morning, immediately after sunrise. Ugh. But anyway, for that day, I chose to blend in with the locals so I wore street chic pieces -  a simple shirt, jacket, comfy jeggings and boots. Good to go for the rest of the day, since the whole place was deserted! Yey! (*sarcasm) =)

 A deserted shopping street. You'll know why at the bottom photo.
This street has 4 H&M's. Freakin 4. They have 3 Celio's. I don't get it :( Can you please share some of your stores here in the Philippines? :( Lucky city!
They all had mass. It was Easter Sunday after all. =)

Next post: 4/10: Amsterdam 




  1. love the photos! :)
    thanks for sharing! :)

  2. i likey your outfit, Pat! <3 and the chocolates look sooooooooo yummy!

    1. Thank you Gelianne! =) I wish I had the chance to try one though :(