Monday, March 19, 2012

Neon D.I.Y

Remember these? I really have a thing for black shoes, they're easy to wear since you can pair it with almost anything!

So for the past few days, I have been ogling at D.I.Y blogs and instantaneously, I got hooked - so hooked that I went out today to buy materials for my first "d.i.y" hahaha! (I am so broke)

So the photos at the top are the BEFORE PHOTOS. 

and then, GAYNESS HAPPENED. haha!

I know I know. The orange neon shoes look unfinished that's because I got excited haha!
I also looked at Paris fashion blogs and almost all of the bloggers wore black oxfords with pink heels. Ha! I saw the same design in Prima Donna and F&H but I had a more convenient idea. 

If you want to know what materials I used for this, comment below. You have to have a google account or follow us through Bloglovin'!
Seriously, because the material I used will blow your mind!

I can easily take them off and put the colors back again! =)


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  1. I'm guessing, CLAY? :)kasi it's kinda obvious with the oxfords with the orange thingy.

    "I can easily take them off and put the colors back again! =)"

    that line made it more obvious :)

  2. Wow, cool idea. Yes, I guess it's clay. :D

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  4. nope not clay =) but neon tapes my dears. =) I cut them into small sections for the orange tapes that's why. wrong move though because i was hurrying to finish it. It really looks kinda off. i'll do it again =)

  5. I'm more interested with what material did you use for the shoes to become black.. Please please answer? :)) or share and give a step by step process. Sooo cooolll!! :)) thanks!