Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Warning: A series of egotistical photos as you scroll down.

 Guess who used to own this white button down polo!
Clue: ( once worn for school)
 Pink jeans: Terranova | Cut-out oxfords: Prima Donna

Fuss-free fashion. That's how I would like to define my style. I always choose to be comfortable with the way I look; never mind if I don't show skin, wear minis and all that but that's just me. I'm more confident wearing something that's not put on or pretty much thought of (pinag-isipan); nonchalant but not too conventional. I'm quite lazy so I keep it casual.

As the days get better and better, school's getting nearer and nearer. This time next week, I will be listening to our Quanti lessons and calculating our grades. Yep, we get to calculate it. What a great way indeed to start classes. (*sarcastic smile*) But since that's a week away, I'll be busier shooting for outfit posts in the following days.

Also watch out for pictures from my Hongkong Christmas weekend. :)


  1. I love the way you dress Pat. Gawa ka lb! :)

  2. Hi Hannah! shy man ako uyy... haha :) thank youu for visiting :)